Rachel Foos


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Hi, I'm Rachel! 

I moved to Chicago two and a half years ago to figure out how I can become a full-time art director/ part- time street artist. In all of my projects I created handmade illustrations, lettering, promotional pieces, etc to communicate my ideas as authentically as I can. Until I started portfolio school my creative process lived outside of computer software and I want to keep those creative muscles at work. Here are a few other things about me:

  • I get my artistic skills from my dad (he makes chainsaw art)

  • Best impulsive purchase: a ball python, I named him Monty

  • My painting professor in my undergrad described me as “fearless with experimenting”. Shortly after he banned me from mixing fire and with aersol paint

  • I’ve had a lot of side hustles over the years, but my favorite was working as an airbrush artist

  • My most cherished memory is when I went free diving with sharks

If you want to know anything else, I love grabbing coffee.